Efficient Maintenance. Genuine Parts of Various Brands

To ensure that a Generator Set works efficiently, the equipment must be carefully and properly maintained. The maintenance of generator sets must be carried out by qualified professionals with technical understanding to confirm if the machine requires repairs or spare parts.

As for spare parts, it is very important that the customer knows their origin, and its whole process of exchange, must always be accompanied by a specialized technician.

Genuine Parts

There is a large availability of spare parts for Generator Sets on the market. They are parts with different purposes and functions in the energy production process. It is very important for the performance and extended life of the equipment that these parts have to be genuine and produced in accordance with regulatory technical standards.

Each part has an essential function throughout the gear, below we highlight some commonly exchanged in our predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance:

Anti-pollutant filter: it is inserted in the gas output of the generator set. Its main objective is to filter the polluting gases and reduce pollutants in the combustion process.

Control module: one of the most fundamental parts in a Generator Set. It allows complete monitoring of the Generator Set and can monitor alarms, and can also be used to trigger security systems.

Power Control Panel (QTA): Allows transfer of the main load to the load provided by the generating set. It has an automatic drive module, or manual. It is optional in the acquisition of our generator sets and the OnPower offers maintenance on all types of Power Control Panels.

We work in partnerships with the best brands of engines, alternators and electrical components in the world, such as Volvo, Perkins, Scania, Weg, Siemens, Woodward, General Electric, Deif and many others.