Biogas Generator Groups / NG

The Biogas and Natural Gas Generator Groups are adapted to use various types of gas as fuel: natural gas, landfill gas and effluent treatment, and many others. They present high energy efficiency, great delivery, low maintenance and less emission of toxic gases in the atmosphere.

Its energy can be used in several applications, such as: farms, industries, mining, shopping malls, airports, sugar and ethanol plants, among others.


  • Silenced, Conventional or Open
  • Cycle: four-stroke
  • Aspiration: turbo/after cooler
  • Number of Cylinders: 4/6/8 in line
  • Electric start: starter motor
  • Rotation: counterclockwise
  • Rotation system: electronic
  • Lubrication: constant exclusive flow filter and one exclusive for the turbine
  • Turbine: system consisting of two Wast Gate turbines
  • Cooling: Air/Water
  • Protections: High water temperature, low oil pressure, coolant level sensor and overspeed.


  • WEG, brushless excitation with auxiliary coil, bearing: double or mono-bearing.
  • Open, self ventilated, fan mounted on the shaft.
  • Insulation class 180° C (H).
  • Available in voltages 50Hz-380/400V 60Hz-220/380/440/480.
  • Degree of protection IP-23, according to IEC 60034 and NBR 5117-ISO8528.
  • 0.8 Inductive Power Factor.
  • Electronic voltage regulator with response less than 0.5s and voltage regulation of / -1%.
  • Auxiliary winding for starting engines.
  • Total harmonic distortion (no load) (%): <5%.
  • Stator Bearing: 2/3.
  • Short-circuit current 3 min over the period of 10 s.
  • Flexible coupling.


  • Woodward 400/600/3000 Series

    The easYgen-3000 series are control units for generator set applications. The numerous inputs and outputs, along with a modular software structure, allow you to use the easYgen series in a wide variety of applications. This includes standby, AMF, peak shaving, import-export, cogeneration or distributed generation, among others. In addition, the easYgen series is compatible with island, island parallel, mains parallel and multiple unit mains parallel operations. The easYgen series is capable of controlling up to 32 gensets connected to a network with automatic synchronization.

Silence line Differentials

  • Silent acoustic and elastic segment, internally mounted on the fairing,
  • Vibration dampers with metal body, shear resistant, mounted between motor, generator and base.
  • 150 Ah starter batteries mounted on base with a holder, cables and connectors.
  • Superior access for crane lifting and lower access for forklift lifting.
  • Supply made in a safe way, away from the power plants.
  • Output and input connectors cables on both sides of the generator set, allowing better access without moving the equipment.
  • Ventilation openings on opposite sides, allowing easy installation and adaptation to hard access locations.
  • Ladder with easy and safe access to the top of the generator set.
  • Unique painting, modern design.
  • Automatic frame that also allows the manual transfer of energy, in case of a break

COP, Stand By ou Prime

Stand By Power

Standby emergency power is the maximum power that a generator set is able to provide, for variable loads, during the supply interruption energy provider period, up to 200 hours per year, confirmed by ISSO 8528.

Prime Power

It is available for an unlimited number of annual hours under variable face condition, in accordance to ISO 8528-1. An overload capacity of 10% is allowed for 1 hour every 12 hours of operation, in accordance to ISO 3046-1.

COP Continuos Power

Continuous linear systems for continuous operation with constant loads. It is aimed to feed loads in the lack of Network, whose demand curve can be considered linear, that is, without significant variation over time during power supply, according to ISO 8528.

Power Table


KVA: 476 – KWE: 381KVA: 387 – KWE: 309WEGNG
KVA: 750 – KWE: 600KVA: 750 – KWE: 600WEGNG
KVA: 1000 – KWE: 800KVA: 1000 – KWE: 800WEGNG

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